Four ways to build brand trust

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Four ways to build brand trust

Trust is an important part of business. It needs to exist between employees if you want it to work efficiently and if you want to be a success there needs to be trust between your business and your customers.

But building that trust can’t be done overnight. It takes time.

We’ve put together fourways to build brand trust for your business.

Familiarity – You customers don’t like change and they don’t like the unknown; they like familiarity. You can make your brand trustworthy by tapping into those things that they find familiar; like people they recognise. A celebrity endorsement for example will work wonders.

If your target audience are familiar with a certain celebrity, then hiring that celeb to endorse your business is only going to strengthen that bond.

It’s a very simple marketing tool that can go a long way.

Confidence – If you as a business don’t have confidence in your brand then don’t expect anyone else to. We find it easier to trust someone with confidence. They give an air of knowing exactly what they’re doing, and if you’re going to use a business, you want one that is confident in its own abilities.

Social media – I can guarantee that whatever industry you’re in, at least 90% of your customer base will use social media, and they’ll use it every day.

If you aren’t using it, you’re missing a trick. It’s the perfect way for customers to communicate with you directly, so if they have a problem or words of praise, they know exactly where to go.

That line of communication is going to build trust.

Authority – Become an authority in your field. Be the business that your customers turn to for advice and help.

How do you do that?

Content. Create instructional videos, blogs, hold seminars and do it all for free.

It’ll give you authority. You’ll be the voice offering free advice to people who need it. If you’re the business people turn to for help, you’re the brand they trust.