How celebrity PR works – everything you need to know

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How celebrity PR works – everything you need to know

One drunken interview. One slip up at a public event. That’s all it takes to ruin a celebs whole career. But celebs are people too, they’re bound to make a few mistakes.

So how do they stop those mistakes from ruining their life’s work?

Good PR.

But PR is a vague term, isn’t it? What does a celebrity’s public relations representative actually do?

Let’s find out.


Crisis control

Let’s say you’re the PR representative.

If your client’s reputation is in danger – whether they’ve punched a photographer or fallen over drunk – it is your job to control that reputation damage.

Why not let the celeb answer the stories and articles?

Well in many cases, if the celebrity was to answer the things being said about them personally, it’d make everything a whole lot worse.

The PR’s job is to create responses to allegations or actions in a way that it makes the celeb look good. They’re spin doctors. They have to turn a bad thing into a good think. Mud to gold.

Crisis management is a difficult game, and one a good PR person will know how to handle.


For a celebrity to grow their reputation and brand image they need to be in the public eye. A PR representative should be able to hunt out opportunities at which their client can appear. It could be a photoshoot, an awards evening, a product launch – anything that gets them seen.

A PR should always be networking. The more people they know, the more places they can get their celeb seen.

Internet scrubbers

If you’re a celebrity in the public eye, chances are, there’s some pretty nasty stuff on the internet about you. It’s just the way of the world. But sometime’s that nasty stuff can really damage reputation. A PR representative should have the power to have these bad things taken off the web. Or, if for example a site is using a celebrity’s photo has been used without permission, they can have it removed.

Today, a good public relations representative needs to know the internet well.

Social media

Last, but by no means least, a celeb’s PR should be able to manage their online persona. That includes taking care of Twitter profiles, Facebook accounts, Instagram pages etc…

The above covers just a snipped of a public relations job, but you get an idea of the things they do for a celebrity.

Put simply – they manage their public persona.

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