Digital Marketing with Big Talent Digital

Research from Nielsen says advertisers see an 11x higher return of investment with influencer marketing compared to the traditional routes.

Media and PR is forever changing. Strategy has switched from the traditional to mainstream channels, with social media and influencer marketing now a hot topic. At Big Talent Digital we know just how important creating an in with the mainstream marketplace is, and this is exactly where we can help.

Our digital division work hand-in-hand with our existing team at Big Talent International, providing clients with a number of excellent opportunities to improve their reach and increase mainstream attention.

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Why choose Big Talent Digital?

We’re one of the select few agencies combining traditional marketing with social media and modern marketing techniques, providing a service that’s relevant in today’s world.

This is what we pride ourselves on – keeping all clients relevant in the mainstream media. Whether this be through television, radio, or national publications, we manage social influencers and take their career to the next level.

With millions of social followers at our fingertips, and reaching all corners of the world from the States, to Australia, and back home in the UK, our coverage is second to none.

We understand the difficulties of pushing on from a social media following, to becoming a mainstream icon, and can provide all the help and support in helping you to reach your dream.

For instance, our social talent has been involved with:

  • Television and radio interviews
  • Publicity with large brands
  • Red carpet events
  • Film premiers
  • Merchandising
  • Commercials and advertising
  • And much more

We work with some of the biggest names from showbiz and social alike, managing diaries, ensuring press coverage, and providing not only stabilisation, but acceleration in their career. We’ve also worked in tandem with world famous brands, including Warner Bros, Universal, Pepsi, MTV, Vue Cinema, Tesco and many more – helping to launch the careers of our clients.

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Our digital arm has been changing the lives of our clients, and we want you to be a part of this success. No matter your aims and ambitions, we’ll work with you to realise your dream, and kick-start your journey into mainstream media.

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