The Big Talent Group’s Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Celebrity

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The Big Talent Group’s Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Celebrity

So, you have a big upcoming event and you’ve decided that a celebrity presence will enhance the evening. If this is the first time you’ll be hiring a celebrity, you may not be aware of everything you need to know, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to hiring a celebrity. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, such as the kind of events that benefit the most from a celebrity presence; how to choose the right celebrity for your event and the process you’ll need to go through to hire a celebrity.

Should your event or brand use a celebrity?

Hiring a celebrity is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to rapidly increase your profit margins or raise awareness for your cause. Studies have shown that in the six months following a celebrity endorsement, sales for brands in a variety of different consumer product categories increased by an average of 4%. This figure was reached after controlling other possible variables, such as advertising expenditure and other factors that could play a part in increasing sales. Even for a moderately successful consumer brand, this can result in millions more in revenue.

Obviously, choosing the right celebrity has a major impact on the level of success, but brands can see sales rise more than 20% with a celebrity endorser. Not only this, but the spill over effect to your competitors is limited, help you gain an edge over others.


How to choose the right celebrity for your business or event

You need to find a celebrity that’ll fit into your brand image or the purpose of your event well. At The Big Talent Group, we understand exactly the causes our clients are passionate about, and can help you to choose the right celebrity for your brand. We work closely with our clients and understand how their status in the media and their image can help bring publicity and increased sales to you and your endeavour.

There are three main factors you need to consider when choosing a celebrity to hire:

  • Does your celebrity match your brand? Hiring a sports star like David Beckham for your nail art business wouldn’t work, as the demographic of your product is highly unlikely to be a fan of David Beckham.
  • Does the celebrity have any scandals that may affect your profits? Your consumers may say they aren’t concerned about celebrity scandals, but market research suggests this isn’t always the case. Before hiring a celebrity, you will need to take into account their history as their bad press will likely become attached to your brand.

This is an even more important factor if you’re hiring a celebrity for an event, especially a launch. If you’re having a celebrity turn up to a charity gig, it’s essential you make sure the celebrity won’t undermine your cause.

  • Does the celebrity understand the aim of your brand or cause? Not only is it important that your celebrity knows about and cares your product, but are they likely to use them? For example, if you have a product targeted at relieving back pain, it makes sense to hire a celebrity that is known to experience it. That way, they’re a lot more likely to use your product and endorse it as the solution to a problem. Through talking about your products, celebrities will help the general public understand it.

The Celebrity booking process

Now you’ve decided which celebrity would be right for your company, you will have to book them to appear. Before booking them, however, a total performance cost analysis is carried out so you can be aware of all the costs involved and how much you’ll be expected to spend on your celebrity.

Whether you’re booking a celebrity for a charity event, corporate event, brand or even private performance, the artist’s performance fee is only one of three factors in the final cost.

If you’re having a musician play, there is yet further preparation plans to be considered. Technical requirements such as staging, sound systems and lighting systems need to be taken into account, along with band travel arrangements, musical equipment and technical staff.

The usual cost analysis of booking a celebrity is usually split into the following factors.

  • The celebrity fee- This is the amount of money your celebrity will receive for attending your event or endorsing your product. This cost is usually pretty straight forward, but there can be additional costs for which to budget.
  • The production fee- Production fees can vary wildly and the largest fees are for performing musicians at you event, although depending on venue, less requirements can be negotiated.


Dressing room requirements and catering requirements are included in the production fee, as well. Some agencies may offer a turn-key production fee, so you know exactly what you’ll need to pay, and face no nasty surprises later on, after booking.

  • The travel fee- The travel fee includes any air fares, ground transportation and hotel rooms for your celebrity and any technicians they need with them. The fee covers the cost of any possible limousines, a bus for additional band members and vans for any possible travelling gear. Once more, this mainly applies to musicians.

Hotel rooms are generally booked for one or two nights, depending on what the celebrity needs. A lot of them are used to having suites in five star hotels in the city closest to your event.

It’s only once these costs have been thoroughly budgeted that your offer will be put forward to the celebrity and a decision is made.

The offer is only made to the celebrity if you’re sure you’d like to hire them, following the cost analysis. If the offer is rejected by the celebrity, you often have the chance to increase your offer or make an offer to a different celebrity.

When a celebrity accepts your offer, you will sign contracts, and depending on the celebrity and the agency, pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost within five working days. You are generally expected to pay the remaining fee approximately 10 days before the appearance of your celebrity.


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