Tips When Hiring A Celebrity

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Tips When Hiring A Celebrity

So, you want to get your product out into the public eye, or maybe you’re hosting an event and want to draw a bigger crowd. We all know how the big companies do it, they pay millions and have the latest star come to their studio, record some adverts and then air them, this is great unless you’re a small business. Small businesses don’t have the multi-million-pound budgets that the big boys do. So when you have the opportunity to hire a celebrity to attend or promote your product/launch, you have to do everything you can to keep them on board, but how?!


1) Put yourself in their shoes

Before you go ahead and contact a celebrity or their representative, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself this question: ‘Why Should I Do This Event?’

Let’s face it money talks to us all, if you’re paying millions and money isn’t tight then go ahead and make contact, but how many of us can do this? You need to give your celebrity a reason to be there other than money! Get yourself a few reasons why they should be at your event or promoting your product, motivate them! Perhaps they have a mutual connection to a cause, personal connection to the city, who else is participating, perks, gifts, or simply because you said ‘please’. Make them want to be there!

2) Make a list

So you reached out and ‘Boom’, your celebrity said ‘yes’, now what do you do? Let’s face it celebrities can be hard to handle sometimes. All celebrities are used to a certain lifestyle and if you’re being demanding and not taking their interests to heart then they’re likely to leave… Have everything mapped out, show them you’re serious about it, consider every last little detail and anticipate every question they’ll have! When yu first start working together, a client (celebrity/representative) is likely to ask a lot of questions to determine whether it’s definitely something they wish to do. It might sound old-school but get yourself a PC or laptop and answer everything into a details, information-rich document so they needn’t ask the question! Do this and they’ll love working with you!

3) Brief Briefings

During the planning you might have a few ideas you want to run through with your special guest, and who doesn’t want to be able to ring up a celebrity and ask them to come over and ‘chill’ while you go through a few things? But you have to think…. ‘Does it need to be 1-to-1 or can I email or skype at a later date?’. Celebrities don’t want to be dragged into meetings every 15 minutes to discuss every idea that you have, some things have to be said 1-to-1, but not everything.

4) Respect Their Time

A celebrities biggest commodity is their time, so don’t waste it! There are thousands if not millions of people wanting celebrities time, so they have to ensure they give their time to the best events/opportunities. Don’t over estimate the time you’ll need for an assignment, try and reduce the time you need them for. Don’t make them wait oo long and don’t make them arrive too early.

5) Too Much Data

The last thing a celebrity wants is to be over faced with data and charts on their first day (or any day for that matter), although it’s good to have a list of answers to any questions they might have and have them informed of everything, you don’t want to over -power them, unless the data is needed, don’t present it to them. Email over all notes condensed down into snippets and think about preparing some cheat-cards to hand the celebrity when they arrive.

6) Retain A Celebrity Strategist

Celebrities don’t want to work with someone who has no knowledge of the business, working with a celebrity requires a great deal of knowledge about the industry and the current celebrity marketplace. There are rules when working or trying to work with the celebrity community. Having a good relationship with either the celebrity or their representative is always a good start to any new project, this can save time, money and frustration. A good strategist would be able to guide someone as to which celebrity(s) would be the best choice and which celebrities are trending now. This is why it’s important to involve your strategist from the beginning. If you can’t hire a strategist, hire from a company that represents the celebrity, there are hundreds, such as Big Talent Group (But you already knew that, right?!).

7) Don’t make promises you cant keep, do keep all promises you make.

Relationships. They make or break contracts. If you promise your client(s) something make sure you stick to it! And if you can’t keep a promise in the first place, don’t make it! Just stick to your word!