Big Talent International’s portfolio of TV and press coverage

Big Talent International pride ourselves on delivering a first-class management service to all celebrity clients. As part of this, we’re dedicated to ensuring public image is not only maintained, but also enhanced.

As such, working in collaboration with celebrities and national media outlets is crucial. This is one of the many areas Big Talent International excel. We have a continual line of communication with our celebrity clients, understanding their long term aims and ambitions, and ensuring this is reflected in the level of media coverage.

As part of this, Big Talent International help to secure:

  • Exclusive newspaper and magazine interviews
  • Radio and television slots
  • Product and service endorsements
  • Public appearances and event hosting
  • Awards presentations

With a combination of the above, our celebrity clients will be ever-present in national media, keeping them relevant in today’s world and furthering their careers for the years to come.

In this section you’ll find select media coverage we have secured for our celebrity clients. This has enhanced their career and helped them take the next steps to developing a long and fruitful profession.

If you’re interested in working with Big Talent International to enhance your media reputation, maintain a positive public perception, or relaunch your career, please get in touch today.

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