Why a celebrity is perfect for a product launch

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Why a celebrity is perfect for a product launch

Launching a new product is always tricky. This might be the most innovative gadget for years but without effective marketing your campaign will be dead in the water before you sell one solitary item. A product launch needs a winning theme and hiring a celebrity gives your promotion added kudos.

Have you thought about hiring a celebrity before? Whether this is for the switching on of festive lights or you need a familiar face to launch a new brand, hiring a celebrity has the following advantages.

Sway public opinion – Public personas are reassuring. See a familiar face endorsing a particular product or brand and you are more likely to want to buy the items they are promoting.

This is basic psychology. If somebody in popular culture puts their face to a product they can influence the consumer. Celebrities help to sell goods. It’s a tried and tested technique that reaps plenty of rewards.

Build trust – Consumers like to think they are buying trustworthy products. Watch a television advert for example where a famous face is helping to promote a product and it’s rather reassuring. If Dame Judy Dench tells you a pro-biotic yoghurt does wonder for your tummy you kind of take her at face value.

Use the presence of celebrities at product launches to gain trust with your target audience.

Help consumers connect with the brand – Consumers relate to specific products when they are endorsed by famous faces. Carefully match the celebrity to the product and you can’t fail.

Celebrity chefs are perfect for promotions involving kitchens, cookware or anything food-related. Sporting personalities are brilliant if you want to promote a new collection of sportswear.

Target the campaign carefully and hand-pick celebrities to grow brand or product awareness. A famous face might be all you need to get consumers switched onto your brands.

Gain new following – Are you re-launching a product and want it to appeal to a different target demographic?  Use celebrity faces to influence the public and sway opinions to attract new clientele.

Consumers connect with celebrities. They are more likely to think it’s cool to switch brands after seeing an endorsement by a well-known face. Do this and you’ll increase your client base.

Gain a new following by using a familiar face or rescue a brand that’s been languishing for a while.

Famous faces work!